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I will be testifying at the New Hampshire State House tomorrow in support of HB 1674, the Sound Money Act to return Gold and Silver to New Hampshire citizens!

I'm writing to inform everyone that I will be stepping way out of my comfort zone tomorrow.

I will be testifying at the NH State House in Concord tomorrow as a concerned Granite State Citizen. The purpose of my testimony is that I am interested in helping pass HB 1674, also known as the Sound Money Act or "Legal Tender Act"! The bill would require the State of New Hampshire to recognize Gold & Silver as having Legal Tender status, and would also require the State of NH to create a bullion depository (or create a public-private partnership).


Read on and I'll try to keep it simple.

Is everyone sick of high inflation, with no end in sight?

Ever wonder why we only hear excuses and temporary fixes by those who represent both parties?

Do most politicians really want to fix the crux of "surviving financially", affecting 98% of households, while the 2% live like royalty?

Do the powers at be really want to give ordinary citizens a work around system?

In my world view, this common sense Legislation to secure what you earn in something outside the current system simply provides options to We The People. Precious Metals reiterates YOUR Constitutional right to Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness, as Fiat currency are printed after bail outs and/or after emergencies. There WILL BE more bailouts and money printing after another crisis is created. Article 1, Section 10 of the United States Constitution States says that Gold and Silver are Lawful, Legal Tender to settle debts and payments, yet very few states have recognized this, except for in the past few years!

A passing of the Sound Money Act would not change anything in your worldview if you disagree. It is simply an attestation and recognition at the State level of your Constitutional rights, just like a State reaffirming your Second Amendment rights, for example. NONE of your Constitutional rights can be violated by the Federal government, and if they do, you have remedies to address it.

Private bankers at the Federal Reserve have a MONOPOLY on "money", which is supposed to be your currency to Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness. Modern Capitalism is all but entirely broken because the current Government is now a crony bureaucratic entanglement of special interests, where you can't even tell when the public sector ends and the private sector begins. Stories of "politician stock picking gurus" and multi-million dollar mansions are all but commonplace for these elites, using your blood, sweat and tears, for their gain. Dare I say Big Government even resembles some Fascist governments of the past. We all use the same Federal Reserve Fiat notes, which are no more Federal than Federal Express. This bill gives people the choice that fits their family/selves best.

This is open to the public. The bill will be presented in the Legislative Building, LOB Room 306 from 11:00 AM to 12:00 PM.

Additional information can be found here:

God bless,



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