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Meet Daniel

Your Trusted Source on Current Macroeconomic, Geopolitical and Financial Events

Daniel is a seasoned consultant who excels in providing up-to-date information on current events, as well as individualized strategic guidance to both prospects and clients.


After over 17 years of working in the banking, insurance, investment planning, and retirement planning industries, Daniel has secured his freedom to speak unscripted by voluntarily giving up his Series 7 license in order to better serve his accredited clients (you).

Transition to Private Equity

Recently, Daniel made a significant transition away from the Securities business, parting ways with his Series 7 license. This move was driven by his unwavering dedication to focus solely on providing the best outcomes for his accredited clients.


Daniel's decision to join a prominent Private Equity firm specializing in Oil, Gas, and Water projects shows his seriousness to the retirement crisis that is about to hit millions of people over the coming years.


Private Equity has also enabled Daniel to offer what he believes to be a very unique and diversified investment opportunity within the energy space, while also still having the ability to leverage a broader array of investment opportunities in the marketplace for his clients through networking and building relationships with other advisors and consultants.


Daniel believes that clients who focus on holding physical Gold and Silver, clients who are raising cash in this current interest rate environment, and clients who are securing hard land such as farmland, timber land, and high quality real estate, and even farm animals, will fare much better in the coming crisis that lies in the years ahead.

A Trusted Partner

Whether you are a client of Daniel's in the Oil, Gas and Water projects, or if you are having a general consultation with Daniel, you can expect a tailored approach to discussing your objectives, and an educational foundation, based on Truth. Whether you are looking to build and protect your wealth, plan for retirement, or optimize your investment portfolio, Daniel will work closely with you to develop a comprehensive life and wealth roadmap that aligns with your unique goals and risk tolerance.

Join Daniel and his mission to help save the United States of America, one client at a time, where your aspirations become his mission. Let's navigate the complexities of the financial world together, with trust, expertise, and a shared commitment to securing your financial future, and your legacy.

God bless, in Jesus name,

Daniel J Tinkham

Daniel J Tinkham
Daniel J. Tinkham
Family-Centric Lifestyle

While being an accomplished consultant and advisor is a core aspect of Daniel's identity, he equally cherishes his life away from the professional realm. Daniel is a believer in Jesus Christ, and the spiritual leader of his household. He resides on a homestead in Londonderry, NH, alongside his loving wife, five children, caring parents, two friendly dogs, and a charming flock of a dozen chickens. This family-centric lifestyle instills in him the importance of long-term planning and building a secure future for those who matter most.

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