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Dre & Smiley - The Inner Circle: Navigating the Financial Storm with Dan Tinkham

In this special episode of the Dre & Smiley podcast, we sit down with Dan Tinkham, a dedicated believer in Jesus Christ, loving husband, and father of five. Dan's journey is a remarkable one. He's a seasoned Wealth Strategist and Wealth Preserver who recently departed from a 17-year career in the investment and retirement industry to raise the alarm about the looming "paper market crash" in stocks, bonds, and currencies.

Join us as Dan shares his insights into the impending financial turbulence and introduces us to his vision of the "Hard Asset Movement." Discover how tangible assets such as Precious Metals, especially Silver, Energy projects including Oil and Gas, Uranium, and High-Quality Real Estate can serve as a lifeline in the face of economic uncertainty.

With a wealth of experience and a unique perspective on financial markets, Dan is exceptionally qualified to guide you through the storm. His journey is one of faith, family, and financial wisdom. Don't miss this enlightening episode where you'll gain valuable insights to secure your financial future and align your investments with your beliefs.


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